Monday, March 10, 2008

HTML Tips & Tricks (must see)

Following are some HTML Tips that i found very useful and collected during my work experience.

1) To Hide Save toolbar from Images
use the following code in html HEAD tag

meta equiv='imagetoolbar' content='no'

use the following in image attribute

img src='abc.gif' galleryimg='no'

2) Adding Scrollbars to DIV
div style="'overflow:auto;" height="SPECIFTY HEIGHT'

3) Exporting number fields (like phone number) from a dataGrid or any other grid to EXCEL

Note, this implementation will only work if you are iterating in all columns and rows of the respective data to be exported in Excel

use the following CSS style while exporting the respective column.
.text {mso-number-format:\@;}

4) Remove crash in code if user writes in any input box

use the following in Page directive (in aspx page)
OR in Web.config file

pages validaterequest="'false'"

Will continue to post more regarding same.

Please provide comments if you find this post helpful.

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Vishal said...

Hello surjit,

Vishal here from Safaltek Software

I like the HTML and Javascript tricks very much and use some of those in our project


One request : -
PLease give some tips for DLL and Assembly also.