Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Language Unification

Language, as all of us know, plays a very important role as a medium of communication with others. In this post I would like to share and get your views on concentrating one language as unique for all Indian States.

My Views
India is rich in languages and people are using regional languages from very long time. Since we all know that Hindi is our national language, but this is not the same consideration in other states (except North region). All IT people are aware of IEEE standards for electronics and .net Platform independent features. If we can think for unification of the things that are man made then we should also think and implement same kind of behavior in our society and country too.
Politics in India is very much responsible for not allowing Hindi to enter in other regions (like in South, Hindi is not a subject in schools). We all should think in this direction and take the first step towards unification of language in India.

Why I created this Post
I went to USA on May-2008, there was an Indian person (from south) working with our client and he become a friend of mine.
One day we were in a shopping mall and talking in English (as usual to communicate), one english man came to us who was watching us from quite some time, he asked me "you are from which country" I said (proudly) "India" then he asked my friend "and which country you are from" he also said "India"; then english man said you both are from same country then why you are using a foreign language (English) to communicate????????
Then I noticed people of other countries, living in USA, whenever they use to communicate with any person from there country they use one language like Chineese will use Chineese language, Russians will use Russian language, etc. irrespective of the area (east, west, north, south) from there country.

My Concerns
1) One language should be unique in India (I support Hindi as it is our national language)
2) We all have to do something at our end and should not wait for government to do so.
3) In some states Hindi is totally banned. why???
4) One language like english is good to be accepted as foreign language, but one should be globalized for internal use also.

Questions for all or us
1) Why can't we bring standardization (like IEEE) in our lives to for language (at least)?
2) Why can't we protest against not using our national language in our schools?

Looking forward for your valuable inputs on the above posted matter of concern....... Thanks
"सारे जहान से अच्छा...... हिन्दुस्तान हमारा....... हींदी हैं हम वतन हैं...... हिन्दुस्तान हमारा ... हमारा.... सारे जहान॥ से अच्छा ......."


Anonymous said...

Forcing Hindi on the Dravidian South is a Hindu-Nationalist idea that does not have a place in an advanced, educated, rapidly developing country such as India. English is the one common language in India which is known by people from all over, from all religions, ethnic groups, even across national boundaries. Beyond that, it is a global language vital to India's continued competitiveness, especially in knowledge-based industries such as computer software.

Let's stop wasting our time trying to impose Hindu Nationalism on the South and disrupting our education system in the process. Instead, let's focus on extending education, especially English education, to the millions of poor Hindus, Dravidians, Muslims, Christians, from North and South, East and West, who lack opportunity and live in dire poverty while we whittle our time away arguing about Hindi. They need running water, they need sewage systems, they need medical care, they need paved streets, they need electricity, they need education. Forget not those of the lower castes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous above, you should read the above article again. It was not to force Hindi as national language. It was suggestion as this country itself if called Hindustaan and Hindi is spoken by a big population here.
Here concern was something else, you better wash your eyes and read again.
You talk of teaching poor Hindu and dravidian english, how many poor you have made educated with this?????????
You better leave this bolg, cuz here is not space for narrow minded no vision people.

Anonymous said...

Kerala already has the highest literacy rate in India at 91%, about the same as that of China. In the Hindi-speaking North it is far lower. Perhaps The North should better educate its own people in Hindi before it tries forcing a foreign language upon Kerala? Hindi may be YOUR language but it is a foreign language to us. We prefer a language that can actually help us to get a job, English. Hindi only helps you to stay poor and ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, i see your point, so you say that if you are not having knowledge of English language then your Mother tougue of Kerala and Hindi alone will not be able to provide you any job. I think the leaders of south should read this blog so that they can came to know that what south people feel about there mother tougue.
Good job mr Anonymous. Keep it up. You cannot go beyond the fact that you are Indian, a Hindustaani, and your national language is Hindi. Saying anyting to your mother tongue is like saying anything to your Mo _ _ _ _. I think you can understand what i want to say in the blanks.